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After a year of experimentation and discussion Shine Digital has launched as an online Christian radio station. To find out more head over to the new Web site

It is with regret that we have to inform our listeners and supporters in Banbridge and beyond that on 28th August 2015, Shine FM will cease broadcasting as a local community radio station on 102.4 FM.


Unfortunately, due mainly to a sharp decline in funding opportunities within the voluntary sector and increasing costs, it has become difficult for Shine FM to raise the finances required to maintain a live broadcasting FM radio station. The directors have, therefore, decided that ceasing broadcasting on this date is the best way to enable us to honour our current financial commitments.


We do appreciate that this will be very disappointing for our listeners in the local area and also those from beyond Banbridge who listen to the station via internet streaming. We also acknowledge the disappointment being felt by our presenters and other volunteers who have given freely of their time and talents, to provide the community with an excellent range of music and speech content in their programmes.


Shine FM has been broadcasting in Banbridge on 102.4FM for the last 8 years making it one of the longest running community radio stations in Northern Ireland. We would like to thank the Banbridge community and the local churches, council and businesses for the support they have given to us since we started broadcasting.


Over that period around 100 young people have gone on air. Many have used the experience as part of the Duke of Edinburgh or Pope John Paul II Awards and have included it on their UCAS applications and CVs. Being a volunteer with Shine FM has given young people an edge when competing for places at university or for employment.


Changing technologies mean that FM is probably no longer the most cost effective way to reach a wide audience and online options are being considered.