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Meet Nigel Weir, our Financial Director…….

He was born in Dungannon and has lived in Gilford since 1979. Nigel has been a Christian for the last 7 years, although like many brought up in a Christian families in Northern Ireland, he was an agnostic during most of his adult life until his conversion in 2005

Nigel is an audiologist (hearing specialist) by day and is based out of Craigavon hospital, but also works in the Banbridge Polyclinic.

Like many small boys and adult men, Nigel has a keen interest in trains, planes and automobiles and HIFI. His late brother introduced him to the world traditional LPS, yet he has never owned a record player, but was an early adopter to COMPACT DISC and bought his first CD BROTHERS IN ARMS in 1985

Nigel has been on air at Shine FM since February 2012 and is usually found gabbling on the radio on Saturday mornings from 10a.m. to 12noon where you will hear a mix of 50′s to modern pop with a good dose of Christian rock and pop .You may even hear the odd ABBA song in FRENCH