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Ruth Strong is one of our directors. She has vast experience in volunteering/community work sector as a volunteer youth and children’s leader.

Ruth has been involved in presenting and mentoring in Shine FM, co-hosting Shine Fresh with various young people. She has also run “Tech Camps” for teens in the summer where young people learn about recording and editing audio amongst other things.

Ruth has been involved in various technological ministries like Tech Camp, providing visuals at events and more recently training for adults in social networking and making resources for different groups including video or audio clips.She is a member of the Youth and Children’s Board of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. She holds BSC in Biomedical Science from Queens University of Belfast, a certificate in youth, children’s and family ministry with theology and a certificate in pastoral care and is studying for a Masters in Youth and Children’s Mission through the University of Manchester.

Her hobbies include cooking, walking, crafts, making videos and presenting a her own show on Shine FM!


Tommie has been a regular presenter on Shine FM for a number of years in his current programme slot and feels very much at home behind the microphone.

Tommie is very committed to spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and is employed by Hope United Ministries. Tommie is part of the Pastoral Team at Emmanuel Church in Lurgan, where he and his wife Francis attend.

He presents Teatime with Tommie, which is on each weekday Monday to Thursday evening between 17:30 - 19:00, playing a large range of Christian music while you have your tea! As the programme name and picture suggest, Tommie really likes a cup of TEA!